There’s one building in that new Tbilisi, at the end of the bridge, which looks like a structure from Tbilisi of the future.


At first, one can even miss it, because it’s obscured by trees, then you are wondering how you could not notice that six-storied building with its original architecture.


Maybe it’s because of the trees or maybe it was the architect’s design all along, but the fact is Grove Design Hotel is here and it’s an impressive and tasteful sign of modern innovations and technological achievements.

Here you can        explore 

groovy Garden 

You can keep Your Sporty Schedule Unchanged While Traveling With The Grove Design Hotel Gym.

Specially designed Meeting Room for 17 persons equipped with everything one might need for the event.

Passage on the terrace with a beautiful view of the city and right bank of the river Mtkvari, will gain unforgettable experience to your meeting.